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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 27, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> now, on chasing news. >> will learn what they go up and down as a team and both are ill with cancer. >> what my sister means to me is more than i can explain. >> they want to in new jersey so they can go on p. >> we would like to control and to say when enough is enough. >> i like the feeling of when i wrestle. i feel the period that can be boy. >> i'm seeing a lot of girls taking to wrestling. i'm not just talking about myself. >> i can go up and down avenue and they're facing more and more double parked cars. i didn't know we had situations like this. some people might say what's the big deal. well, it can be very dangerous, if not deadly.
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>> so you're talking about hate. >> yes. >> atlantic city is just one signature away from being saved. the rescue bill that up in the subject of contentious debate in the state capital for weeks passed with 23 amendments in in both houses of the legislature thursday afternoon. the person who decides atlantic city bates now is a governor chris christie, who threatened to veto earlier bills but has made some indications that he might sign these. i came came down to atlantic city to chase the governor and see what his mindset was by the governor was in a different frame of mind. the governor was addressing the new jersey charter schools association. christie has expanded charter schools more than any other governor, he got a hero's welcome. when he started when he started his speech he seemed to be in a contemplative mood, thinking about fatherhood, and age. >> and so, i lost weight, that made me feel less told, i'm
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getting gray hair so that made me feel more old but i have hairs that made me feel less old. and i justify this by looking at myself in the mirror every morning. but something undeniably is going to happen this weekend which makes me old. my first child is graduating from college. >> christy's first son to move out of the house and into the world. the governor talked about how that made him feel. referencing the scene from the night before his son was to go to kindergarten. >> i remember going into his room that night after he was fast asleep. i looked at him lane in that bed and i started to cry. i said to myself, this is the last time i'm going to be the only influence on his life. >> the governor used his own experience to highlight how important the quality education
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is, with a powerful speech that reminded me of the great days of christie's campaign in new hampshire. the argument the war of words over atlantic has been fierce but today we saw a different christie, one with a lot on his mind and one who has seen the time tick both as his time as governor and his children grow up. today i will be new new york city as the mayor performs the ceremony to start the summer tourist season. we will that you know what the governor decides in regards to atlantic city bill. follow me a chasing news. >> high-speed chase. >> get a load of this. six months, 27 days old, winterhaven florida was the scene, she can't even walk yet and she travels more than 600 feet setting a world record. her father is a world champion barefoot water skier and she was in good hands.
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>> your jason a story, story about two sisters who are suffering with cancer, but it's more of an extended story about what i have turned the sanitizer >> i caught up with two sisters and cart, new jersey who are so positive and just by looking at them you would never know the health battles both are going through. >> is it good? >> very good. it's better the second night. >> i make a whole batch next time. >> bring it to my house. >> melissa and mary have gone through life's ups and down as the teens. both had long careers in nursing, they enjoy traveling together especially to new orleans. both are terminally ill with cancer. >> what my sister means to me is more than i can explain because i've never been without her.
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we are there each other. we plan to be with each other as long as we can. >> lori has chronic rheumatoid arthritis and non-hodgkin's lymphoma. melissa has small cell lung cancer in two years ago she was told she only had three-six months to live. it is a very grim outlook, even five years i think they say 14% survival rate. a very small survival rate. it usually spreads to other areas of your body. that is why i got my chemotherapy to my brain. >> both sisters want to make it clear that they are not trying to end their life. they want to aid in dying act in new jersey so if, and when the time comes, they say they will not have to suffer, instead they can go in peace. >> we would like to control, to say when enough is enough at the end of our lives when we have no
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options left to us. >> so they are suffering, they clearly have got great relationships with each other. it sounds like their fighters. >> oh, they are. >> i hear couple of things. one of things. one of the reasons that bill died in committee in new jersey was because mental health advocates, physically disabled disabled advocates, think many of the advocates against it will say that unfortunately few get a bill like that it could be seen as encouraging people to take this path instead of just an option at the end. >> it is a complex issue. i think a lot of people out there take the launch of their own hands. anyone can choose choose to in their life whenever they want. >> but not in a peaceful way. >> deciding in governing this two different ways and is dangerous when government is embodying what we want. >> remember this, you can kill yourself if you want to today, the issue becomes, when are you ready or able to make that decision. we have this conversation earlier. there. there are many end-of-life decisions now with hospice and other things that can take away
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the physical suffering. as lies that offering exists this to me looks like a sanitizing and very complex and difficult issue. >> i watched a game of musical chairs at today's port authority board meeting at the world trade center in manhattan. after five years, the stepping down to be replaced by steve . interestingly, while we were looking at the configuration of the port authority official, steve was asked why he wanted the position? >> the reality is it's a very important important public institution. it's not so much that i come in with particular initiatives or ideas, for me it's about continuing the efforts then posing something new. >> that gives you an idea for the vision of the port authority going into the future, not very comforting. the new jersey governor is trying to but governor christie
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vetoed a bill saying that he would only pass it exact replica. new jersey legislators not have to figure out and present a similar bill that governor christie can finally sign it. talk. talk about the port authority bus terminal, asked the chairman about the statement that the bus terminal be built and seven - ten year. >> you said that it is going to take seven - ten years to build a port authority bus terminal, where you had in the process? >> in year one. >> but i pushed forward, you know me. i asked the port authority official to follow up. do you even have a design for this new bus terminal? >> the design competition is underway. i think will meet making public disclosures about the process in a month or two. >> so i don't know where he got the seven-ten years, they don't even have a plan. not only that they don't even have a location. as reported before the land that the port authority owns is right by hells kitchen. residents there and hells kitchen of said hell no, we don't want to filthy, polluted,
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noisy bus terminal in our neighborhood. >> and the rest of us in tolls, and every thing else. i am really happy about one thing. this is is probably my face meeting that you have gone too. finally we have gotten an honest answer from a port authority official. >> i think it's unfair to the commuters. there are no answers. there is no progress. we keep hearing the same thing. nothing. >> the port the port authority is like a battleship. it takes a really long time to make turns in one direction. it is a massive bureaucratic organization, we understand that we would like it to change but that change will take time. >> thank you. at. at least it was an honest meeting. >> thousands of dogs, cats and other animals are sitting in shelters across new jersey waiting -- [inaudible]
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[inaudible] >> and they continue to be successful and how much the community is seeking everything that they do. >> it's particularly nice when you find someone dedicated. adopt, don't shop. there is a lot of amazing animals in these places. >> is seen as a male-dominated sport, but i have seen a lot of girls taking to wrestling. >> when i wrestle i feel superior that i can be boy. >> these girls are not to be messed with. >> i'll still beat them up even if i don't. >> lamarr, autumn -- odom
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incident. >> and cable news coverage of lamar odom --
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[inaudible] >> we world that a plan to fix the roads and bridges in new jersey without raising taxes. so they had on a radio show but i caught up with her off air and bust in on her for all the notebook she was carrying. >> she just love caring around big notebooks. >> i do. >> i had to ask if she was running for governor and she didn't give me the typical politician answer. >> with this plan are you considering training at the the ring? >> oh, no. [laughter] >> on wednesday night the governor joined on one oh 1.5 with ask the governor. on this particular show he decided to talk about my ratings on the morning show. well, just take a listen. >> are the ratings going on the morning show #. >> excellent actually. >> spate is all the sudden hot stuff.
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>> thanks governor. ♪ ♪ >> diana, your jesus story about coed wrestling. >> i just like the feeling of when i wrestle. i feel superior that i can beat boys. >> but it is seen as a male-dominated sport but i have seen a lot of girls taking to wrestling as of late. i'm not just talking about myself.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [laughter] >> research says that about 5000 high school girls across the nation participated wrestling this past year. nearly five times the amount than a decade early. take a look really yourself. >> i try to not think about how much stronger he is the me, how much taller he is, but i tried to just think of my moves. i just get my mind off. >> males painted with sparkles, there's just one problem, more girls are joining the sport but they can't have their own team
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so they're forced to participate with the boys. let me tell tell you the boys are not happy about it. >> it doesn't bring enough talent to the pool. >> well i usually don't say stuff to them it's only if i wrestling them and they said that i beat him up, but i still be in up even if they don't say it. >> are you afraid you're gonna hurt them? >> yes. >> so you take it easy? >> yes. >> what about when you lose to a girl? >> i've never lost to a girl. >> are you sure. >> yes. >> and new york city schools they had their first coed wrestling team this past year. allowing boys and girls to practice together, but the individual bouts were separate by gender. >> when you get some that give you that little edge where your next step is then shown what's quicker in the process. i'd always encourage them to wrestle and i think that's kind of ice why stick with coed wrestling and practice.
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>> just like military if you're able to fight with the men in comeback then these girls if there are a for the challenge and readied them more power to them. >> what's more resolution is if the guy lost to a girl that she was a great competitor. >> it is a war zone out there. that was outrageous. a bike ride up and up within six avenues making things more more double parked car. >> over 10% of vehicles on the street on fifth and sixth avenue our people on their bicycle. >> we are pretty much just talking about paint. >> chasing stories about worko
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>> coming up next, it is madness on veiled. >> i'm about to ride with the joker.
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>> coffee, this morning i'm waking up with a roller coaster. i'm here at six flags great adventure in jackson, new jersey jackson, new jersey where i am about to ride their brand-new roller coaster, the joker. we are talking talking flips the on 90 degrees angles, this thing looks insane. i'm so excited. >> the comes around, flip, flip, flip there you go. so we have a bit of an issue here, they're stuck upside down on the new ride. they're working to get them down now, alright they're back in action. hopefully. hopefully we're still going to get to ride here. i came here excited, full of life, so ready to write a roller coaster and it didn't happen.
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>> listen to this take a new jersey. >> tank tops. >> he tells me jersey is the favorite typographic people perform for. he is a stress coming up this weekend and also on comedy central. >> tim right, your chasing a story, streets are for cars, right? >> it is a war zone out there. that was outrageous. pretty common. i could write up and down fifth and sixth avenue in manhattan are facing more and more double parked cars. some people might say, what's the big deal? it can be very dangerous if not to deadly. >> the disease bike street in manhattan are actually pathetic 70. even though they don't have class one protected lanes.
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over 10% of vehicles on the street on fifth and sixth avenue our people other bicycle. >> those ali oliver of transportation alternative who took me for a ride to see this myself. i hopped on city bikes,'s draft on the go pro and off i went. once i got onto fifth avenue it was okay until we got down to about 21st street. then the double parked cars started getting in my ways. and then he had situations like this. typically this year over 300 pedestrians, mostly bikers mostly bikers had been hit by cars. this even happened when you get doored. i just just missed a door, someone opening up the door where you almost ride into it. that sounds funny but it's terrifying. >> right now there is already a protective schedule on sixth avenue which is great, it reduces injuries by 20%. >> it just really is one big
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mess out on fifth and sixth avenue. and you say they have a bike lane. well it's a class to bike lane, it's not protected. what they want is a protected bike lane. so i came here to show you what a protected bike lane looks that. >> what you mean class to. >> there are classes. >> what is this one? >> this this is what they wanted and sixth avenue. it is protected. so you have the sidewalk which i'm sending on and then have the bike lying, little buffer and then you have the cars. that way, you don't have cars veering in and out of the bike lane, it's protected. we want to get fifth avenue and sixth avenue is in the impact but there is no from midtown to downtown. >> so were talking about tanks. >> yeah and that's why it's kind of bizarre. >> sounds like the bikers are advocating a fired up while
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you're talking some bikers were in the lanes of traffic on the other so would they be okay if this cop started cracking down? as a driver it's exhausting when you have bikers weaving in and out. >> and they already do that. that asserted the issue to because people have said i can't ride in the bike lane because people are in the bike lane. so i have to go on the street. >> they should, i don't buy that the bike lane isn't there. >> wait until you hear this. a new trend in boston, there is a bus full of bikes so you bike on the bus. >> wait? bikes are inside the bus? >> that bus has bikes inside and it's like a gym class periods. >> so stationary bikes.
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>> i love that idea. >> if there's booze involved, count me in. >> thanks tamara. >> thanks guys. i'm gonna jump back on. >> awesome. >> were chasing stories about workout trends in five best ways to get into bikini shape. this is not not one of those story. >> mad donut scientist in the all new cho
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